Roaming Hunger Emergency Food Service
March 30, 2020
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Cities all over the United States have been deeply affected by the Coronavirus pandemic, especially the most vulnerable people in local communities (the elderly, school children who qualify for free lunch, the homeless, and healthcare workers), and small businesses.

We created a way to support the entire community in a meaningful way through GoFundMe. We call it a “triple win” because…

+ It feeds the most vulnerable members of our communities.
+ It supports our local non-profits on the ground.
+ It supports the small businesses that are most at risk.

Here are the current cities that we’ve launched so far:

New York

San Francisco



Washington DC

Los Angeles

We encourage corporations and influencers to join us through donations or spreading the word. We’re happy to add you in our social media and PR campaigns. If you’re interested please send us an email:

How It Works

Food trucks are in a unique position to help charities that are feeding local communities (school children, elderly, homeless, and healthcare workers).

Your donations will be used to send a food truck to one of our charity partners to provide HOT MEALS for their community. We connect food trucks to organizations that need meals. Meals will be prepared safely according to current health standards and packaged.

All funds raised will be passed directly through to the food truck and Roaming Hunger will coordinate meals, time and location to make sure everything runs smoothly. Roaming Hunger will not charge any service or booking fees.

All meals will be donated to a local non-profit partner that is passing out meals.

$6.00 will provide a hot meal from a local food truck.
$600 will activate a food truck to go out and provide 100 meals to a local non-profit.

For more information please visit our website.

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