Main Reasons To Junk Your Car
The Auto Show on JustMy! | January 22, 2021
Parting with your vehicle can be challenging. However, doing so is sometimes necessary. Here are some of the main reasons to junk your car.

You and your car have been through a lot together. From road trips to the daily commute, it’s been there for it all. Naturally, parting with a vehicle that you’ve made so many memories in can be challenging. That said, it’s important to know when to let go. If your car isn’t in the best of shape, however, selling it may not be an option. In that case, you may need to consider scheduling a trip to the junkyard. Not sure if you’re ready to part with your ride? Here are some of the main reasons to junk your car. 

The Vehicle Requires Frequent Repairs

If your car is slowly racking up a repair bill that costs more than the vehicle is worth, you should consider junking it. Sure, you could try to sell it, but if it needs constant repairs, it probably isn’t in great shape. As such, finding someone willing to take on the financial burden of such a money pit will likely prove to be a bit of a challenge.

The Car Was Salvaged

If your car was in a significant accident and was issued a salvaged title, junking the vehicle may be your best option. A salvage title is issued by an insurance agency to a vehicle that has sustained damage that exceeds over 50 percent of its current value.

Vehicles with salvage titles are not deemed roadworthy and cannot be insured unless the owner conducts extensive repairs, has the vehicle inspected, and applies for a re-branded title. If you’re not interested in spending the time or money on this potentially lengthy and expensive process, it might be best to junk the car.

The Car Doesn’t Have Modern Safety Features

One thing that most buyers aren’t willing to compromise is their safety. If your car is older and not equipped with modern safety features, such as side airbags or an anti-lock braking system, you will likely have a more difficult time selling the car. In such a case, you will likely have more luck junking your car and selling it for parts instead. 

You Don’t Have the Vehicle Title

Another one of the main reasons to junk your car is if you don’t have a vehicle title. Maybe you lost the title or inherited the vehicle without a title. In either case, selling the car without obtaining the proper documentation is illegal. If you aren’t interested in going through the lengthy and costly process of obtaining such documentation, junking the car is a great alternative.

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