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Hi, I'am JR the Co-Founder Guy from JustMy

I wanted to send a short thank-you note to Paulo Teixeira for taking a meeting with us!  JustMy has been helping non-profit organizations to increase donations, get more volunteers, and improve content engagement.  As a result, we have helped non-profits in the Memphis area raise over $4 million.  Today we are turning our attention to business owners and local entrepreneurs.  We believe that we can help build stronger communities by providing help and support to local organizations.  

So today I want to invite Juice PLUS+ to consider teaming up with us to help your Partners sell more products while helping the communities they serve.  How?  By growing their independent businesses with myCARD!

I would love to talk with your team more about how this service can be used by your partners for as little as $12 for the year.  Call me at 901.491.3356 or email me at

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